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PIB CEO top Crime Stoppers fund-raiser

Just thought that I should update everyone on my stint in jail, at the annual London Crime Stoppers Jail-A-Thon event, and again, thanks to everyone who contributed to the cause. 

On Friday morning I had raised about $14,000 and change in contributions, with a fund-raising goal of $15,000, so I sent out another email asking for HELP!!!!

And people came to the table, as by the time that I was in front of the judge at 2:00 p.m., I had raised slightly over $15,000. SO AGAIN THANKS TO EVERYONE.

That being said, the judge was merciless, and sentenced me to jail anyways, with a new bail of $16,000. My impersonation of Johnny Depp was not convincing, although he did refer to me as CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW a couple of times.

At that point, I was looking at a long afternoon behind bars, when my Blackberry began to chime.

Forest City Golf Club, and the Holmes family called in to donate $250.00.
Stefanie Turnbull of The London Knights called and donated $200.00.
And then Martin Bedard from La Capitale in Quebec City phoned on a business matter.
Naturally, I could not talk business while in JAIL! So La Capitale contributed $500.00 to bail me out.

All in all it took me just over 3 minutes to raise the extra $1,000. And the poor guy sitting beside me had been on the phone with his best buddy trying to get him to contribute $20 bucks — and the answer was "no". It is all in the timing...

Again, thanks to everyone for your contributions and your continued support for Crime Stoppers.

And naturally, with your help, I was the NUMBER ONE fund-raiser again!

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Watch the video from SNAP London of the June 2010 Crime Stoppers Jail-A-Thon event including footage of Bruce behind bars!

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