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Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Accidental death insurance is a special type of insurance policy that provides payments when a person dies as the result of an accident. It is usually combined with a dismemberment policy and will provide benefits when a person loses certain parts of his body or the ability to use those body parts because of an accident.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance covers losses due to accidents which may occur anywhere at any time — on or off the job — while traveling or at home.

What Does AD&D Insurance Cover?

Accidental Death coverage provides your beneficiary with a payment in the event of the accidental death of the insured. However, people often don't realize there may be Accidental Dismemberment / Loss of Use provisions in the policy which will provide the insured with a payment if there is a full or partial loss of sight, hearing, a limb or other covered loss resulting from an accident.

The AD&D plan may also include coverage for your spouse and dependent children.

Are there any exclusions?

The standard AD&D plan does not cover any losses occurring due to:

  • suicide or any suicide attempt;
  • self inflicted injury, whether sane or insane;
  • insurrection or war;
  • participation in any riot;
  • active service in the armed forces of any country;
  • travel or flight in any aircraft, or descent from such aircraft if the Covered Person is a pilot of the aircraft or a member of aircraft’s crew; and
  • committing, attempting or provoking an assault or criminal offense.

Policy wording varies. It is important to check your policy for specific information on what is covered and any exclusions.

Contact one of our Life and Living Benefits Account Executives to discuss which Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance coverage is best for you.

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