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Critical Illness

How will you survive financially in the event you develop a critical illness?

Who do you know who has had (a):

heart attack,
coronary bypass surgery,
prostate cancer,
multiple sclerosis,
major organ transplant,
breast cancer,
other life threatening cancer, or
Parkinson’s disease?

We all know someone who has had to deal with the emotional and financial stress of one of the above situations. However, given the success rate of medical treatments available, for many it is more a question of “How will I survive?” rather than “Will I survive?”. Many people recover from these critical illnesses but not until they have gone through considerable emotional and health problems with the associated financial stresses of being unable to earn a living.

The proceeds from a critical illness policy can be extremely useful for adapting to a new lifestyle caused by a critical illness, as well as helping support your family financially as you recover. When you are diagnosed with an insured life threatening illness a lump sum payment is paid out after 30 days – giving you the funds you need to support your financial well-being during your treatment.

Critical illness insurance is a specialty and you need to talk to someone with expertise. Contact Us today and speak with one of our licensed Account Executives.

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