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A personal term life policy may be your best mortgage insurance option.

When you purchase a home and arrange for a mortgage you are asked by your mortgage lender if you want to purchase insurance so that the mortgage will be paid in the event of death of one of the homeowners. Almost 75% of home buyers say yes but what do the other 25% of home buyers know that leads them to pass on this mortgage insurance?

Most of those who decline mortgage insurance from their lender have read something in newspapers, magazines or books that convinced them a personal insurance policy would not only cost less but offer some very important additional benefits compared to the traditional mortgage insurance offered by financial institutions and mortgage brokers. There can be definite advantages to a personal term life mortgage insurance solution, so why not let your mortgage broker focus on their specialty and turn to an expert in insurance to provide you with the best brokered solutions to meet your particular personal insurance needs. PIB can devise the best mortgage insurance solution for your situation.

Some questions you should ask before obtaining mortgage insurance: 

  PIB's Solution Your Lender
Can I choose my own beneficiary for the insurance proceeds? Yes No
Can I apply for more coverage for other needs? Yes No
Will my coverage remain level throughout the mortgage period? Yes No
Are my premiums fully guaranteed in the contract? Yes No
Could I pay less if I am in good health and don’t smoke? Yes No
Does my coverage stay in force if I move or change mortgage lenders? Yes No
Can my coverage extend past my mortgage period? Yes No
Can I convert to a permanent plan, even if my health has changed? Yes No
Am I protected from post claim underwriting which could declare me uninsurable and result in my claim being denied? Yes No
Am I guaranteed to receive advice from a licensed insurance agent? Yes No


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