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Statement of Disclosure

How PIB operates on your behalf.

At Programmed Insurance Brokers Inc., we feel that we serve our clients best by representing most of the major life insurance companies in Canada.

Having access to this wide range of companies allows us to help our clients to choose the right solution to their insurance needs from among a wide range of products and companies.

Above all, the life and/or living benefits coverage recommended to you by our Account Executives is based on your financial needs as we discussed them. This analysis and the resulting recommendations incorporate the following fundamental considerations:

  • The appropriate amount of coverage to meet your needs;
  • The length of time that you need the coverage;
  • The policy selected is competitively priced as compared to similar products available in the marketplace;
  • The product is within the budget that you have to meet your insurance needs;
  •  We may also consider the insurance companies underwriting criteria with respect to your medical history; and
  •  We consider the financial stability of the insurer that is selected.

Please read our full Statement of Disclosure for further details.

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