Employees of Home Hardware Stores Limited

Based on our longstanding association with Home Hardware Stores Limited, our relationship with every employee is important to us.


Group Home & Auto Program

As a Home Hardware Employee or Retiree you have the benefit of enjoying savings on your Home & Auto Insurance through PIB. Our Group Home and Auto Program offers savings and specialized services on your Home & Auto Insurance – Discover the difference of Group Buying Power.

  • Savings from volume discounted group coverage with preferred rates on your home and auto insurance
  • Specialized insurance products offering a full range of coverage on recreational vehicles, cottages, pleasure craft and more
  • Exceptional claims service with representatives available anywhere in Canada 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Accident protection assurance that your auto premiums won't increase as a result of an accident
  • Financial freedom offering five payment options including a monthly payment plan with no interest or service fees
  • Policy review at renewal to ensure you are receiving preferred rates with the best coverage available to suit your needs
  • Value added benefit of free, unlimited telephone assistance for health, home and legal questions available to all home policyholders

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Life Insurance & Living Benefits

  • Home Hardware employees can take advantage of our quality service
  • Full range of products available
  • A complete Needs Analysis is conducted to assist you in identifying your needs

More cost effective and flexible offerings than typical banking insurance products… ask us why!

PIB Wealth Management & Financial Planning

PIB Wealth Management manages over $1.3 Billion in assets for over 10,000 individual and group clients across Canada.

Your PIB Wealth Management team, including CFP® Professionals, guides Home Hardware and its employees through all facets of the financial planning process.  Our discipline and approach have earned us the confidence of Home Hardware employees across Canada who have entrusted us to develop and implement strategies to achieve their financial goals and objectives.


Our Client Experience is built on quality of service,
personal relationships, strategic advice,
and a disciplined investment process.


Investment Planning

Drawing upon our discipline and philosophy, PIB Wealth Management builds customized portfolios based on our clients’ needs. Whether it is saving for your retirement, your child’s education or managing an inheritance, we develop a tax-effective portfolio best suited for your goals.

  • With access to premier investment firms in Canada and throughout the globe, we assemble a team of best-in-class managers for your portfolio.
  • In 2008, we launched the PIB Portfolio Series, which includes 5 portfolios managed by PIB Wealth Management exclusively for Home Hardware.  The portfolios offer a single solution for clients from the most conservative to aggressive. We use our research capabilities to select both world class firms and managers.

Portfolio Series graph

Financial Planning

PIB Wealth Management’s qualified team, including CFP® Professionals, work with clients to design customized financial plans tailored to their individual needs.  Retirement plans grow and investment accounts accumulate - the next step in the process is ensuring that you have a strategic plan in place to achieve your goals.

  • We provide strategies that assist clients during accumulation
  • We implement strategies guiding clients from accumulation, to the transition into retirement
  • Our planning includes projections, income maximization, integration with government benefits and creation of tax efficient income
  • The process culminates in the preparation and implementation of the Retirement Income RoadMap 
PIB Wealth Management Retirement Income RoadMap

Having had a successful career, saved for retirement, and attained assets along the way – using these assets to fund your retirement becomes the next step in the process. 

At PIB Wealth Management, we have a comprehensive approach on how to strategically disassemble the assets you have taken a lifetime to build – we implement a plan that shows when, where and how to draw out your retirement income, allowing for an effective cash flow with the most favourable tax implications.

View our Retirement Income RoadMap.



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